High Quality Desiccant



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Product Benefits

1. Uniform ball size. This property is especially useful in high pressure gas dehydration where minimizing pressure drop is important. The uniform size and sphericity of our activated alumina prevents adsorbent segregation during pneumatic loading, thus minimizing channeling and yielding more efficient use of the entire desiccant tower.

2. High crush strength.  Our desiccant has high crush strength which allows rapid pneumatic loading of towers. The high crush strength also allows use of taller towers that make more efficient use of the desiccant. It is also highly resistant to amine attack. Furthermore, our activated alumina's high crush strength enables it to dehydrate acid containing gases and liquids, such as CO2, for a longer operating life. 

3. Low abrasion.  The low abrasion of our desiccant ensures less dusting during transport, loading, and service life which reduces pressure drop and minimizes downstream valve and filter plugging, common with dustier products.

4. High adsorptive capacity.  High surface area and tailored pore distribution provide a high dynamic H2O adsorption capacity. With proper tower design and effective regeneration, our desiccant can achieve an ultra low dew point. It also has excellent cyclic stability that has proven to yield a long life.