We are a family owned and operated company with locations in Castleton Ontario and Kelowna British Columbia.  We have been devoted to selling Airtek air dryers across Canada since 1992.

Our History

The Thomson association with Airtek began in 1987, back in those early days when Airtek, that small family owned company, would go on to be an industry leader in the North American dryer world. Thomson Compressed Air Components Inc. was founded in 1992, with the responsibility of being the exclusive source in Canada for the entire line of Airtek compressed air dryers. We take pride in the fact that we played a significant role in the expansion of the Airtek name in Canada.

Since those early beginnings, literally thousands of dryers have been sold in Canada and our knowledge gained is incredible. Not only has Thomson Compressed Air driven the growth of Airtek in Canada, but it continues to realize the need for outstanding customer support. Having the right parts at a reasonable price, and on time, continue to drive our success.

Our Commitment 

At Thomson Compressed Air Components, we realize the importance of the treatment of compressed air. The online status of any air dryer is just as important as the air compressor itself. Once a compressed air system has been treated, an offline dryer will quickly re-contaminate the system with all sorts of negative effects and money lost.

The replacement parts that we supply are primarily the same as the original OE parts. However, due to the resources and knowledge that we have, we know what works best. We do not sell “will fits”, but we do sell only the parts that have proven to be the most robust and reliable for every situation. There will be times when a questionable OE part will be substituted and that’s to your advantage.

Our commitment is simple: Your inquiries are important and we will give you the correct answers in a timely fashion. The right parts at a fair and competitive price.

Our Advantage

Product knowledge is our biggest advantage.  Because of our extensive history working with Airtek dryers and various supply channels that we have, we are able to quickly and efficiently recognize, identify and resolve any inquiry that you may have about the operation, maintenance and repair of any Airtek refrigerated or regenerative dryer.